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Sage has always been happiest playing ball. “Ball” was his first word and by age 3 he was on T-ball league. At the age of 12, Sage tried out for the Philadelphia Taney Dragons. With his talent he easily made the team, but living in a single family home it was expensive to participate. With […]

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Zakaa is a very outgoing young man who loves to play music, draw, and read. He attended Settlement Music School where he was introduced to the arts at a very early age. As a result he has never stopped pursuing his love for music and the visual arts. He then attended the Philadelphia Clef Club […]

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Mekhi comes from a single-parent family who has been extremely involved and supportive of Mekhi’s love and talent for basketball. He is seen as a gentle giant to all, always so much taller than his peers. He lives in an inner-city neighborhood where there is not a lot of safety or opportunity to engage in […]

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Brian is an athletic boy that loves all physical activities, but his passion is boxing. His private boxing lessons allowed him to focus his energy and skill in an organized manner rather than on the streets where he was subjected to some bad elements. Brian is a positive young man who is growing into a […]

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Amanda has a gift and talent for music and has wanted to be a music teacher since she was in middle school. She plays several instruments including flute, cymbals, snare drum, vibes, quads and trumpet. She has only been playing the trumpet for 3 years and has made it into the Cadets2 Drums and Bugle […]

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Zakaa Wins the Philadelphia 76ers Mentoring Art Project Contest

Fresh Smiles helps Zakaa continue his piano lessons, but playing piano is not his only talent. He is a writer and an artist. Zakaa submitted his art to the Piliadephia 76ers Mentoring Art Project Contest and he won! The Mentoring Art Project is a Philadelphia competition to encourage youth to express their ideas about mentorship […]

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Fresh Smiles applicant attends a private Sixers team practice

Fresh Smiles was excited to give one of our Fresh Smiles applicants, Mekhi the opportunity to attend a Sixers private team practice. Mekhi will be attending the Sixers Basketball Camp this summer to further his skills as a high school basketball player. We are looking forward to watching him play. Here is a photo of […]

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Fresh Smiles at the Fieldhouse March 4th!

Come to the Fieldhouse in Philadelphia on Friday, March 4th 9:00pm. $25 two hour bar special and a 50/50 raffle benefitting Fresh Smiles Foundation. See you there!

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