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Invoice Templates in 2021

Learn what’s included in a letter of intent, and download a free LOI template. There is an article in our blog that explains how to add checkout functionality to your project using Invoice template.

This simple invoice template is sure to help you impress your clients with its professional presentation. It comes with fully resizable vector icons, clean typography, and complete customizability. Small business owners will appreciate how much time and effort it’ll save you throughout the years. This Microsoft Word invoice template accomplishes both easily.

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This clean and modern invoice template make your typical business operations look interesting. Perfect for bloggers, designers, illustrators, artists and Invoice Templates in 2021 can be customized to fit any business. UK business owners & sole traders can use our free invoice template in Excel, Word & PDF – with or without VAT.

Invoice Templates in 2021

Invoicing apps make it easy for invoice recipients to pay. You can also accept payments through PayPal, Setcom, Braintree, and Stripe. This way, invoice recipients are never at a loss for payment choice. With invoice apps, invoice management is effortless and hassle-free. Mostly invoice apps are integrated with contracts which help take automated invoice approval without any manual intervention. Invoice software also automates invoice processing based on payment plans.

Technicalities Word

One benefit of the PDF format is that the customer will able to open and view it easily in any browser. Secondly, PDF documents are secure and are “read-only,” meaning that they cannot be altered once sent. Some invoice software packages incur a hefty purchase price or require ongoing subscription fees. MS Word is a software application usually included with computer purchases, so it is a cost-effective way to create invoices. Many invoicing solution providers base their fees on businesses raising a minimum number of invoices each month. This is not the case with MS Word as you can create 1 or 100 invoices without having to pay a premium for the privilege.

Download this blank invoice template in Word format and create an invoice in just a few minutes. Companies offer different pricing structures, invoices can come at various times throughout the month, or specific clients should pay more than others. Find an app that allows for this flexibility, so your company never has to worry about changing the invoice you offer. It also allows you to create simple reports for credits and payments, as well as refunds. With online payments, you may manage repayments and get better insights into your profit and loss statements.

Different Invoice Types, Designs & Elements

Small businesses need professional invoice templates to bill clients and receive payments. The right invoice template is a crucial business tool because it can simplify your small business accounting process and help you get paid faster. Freelance invoice templates make it easier than ever to generate work invoices that impress customers and win new business. The templates in this article are simple examples of what your professional invoice might look like. Use the outline of these work invoice templates and create invoices for freelancers in seconds. QuickBooks is a complete accounting software solution for small- and medium-sized businesses. It keeps your business finances in order, all in one place.

Is there a template for invoices?

There are a variety of free, premade invoice templates for Microsoft Word you can find online and download to your computer. FreshBooks offers a range of invoice templates available in Word, Excel and PDF format that are customized to different industries.

Small businesses need simple, effective invoice templates to bill their clients and get paid faster for their work. Read on to see our picks for 2021’s best cloud-based invoice templates. Sheetgo’s workflow is easy to navigate and develop with a system based on connections between Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Gmail. Using the spreadsheet template as your dashboard, you can simply input your data into the corresponding columns. Sheetgo then creates custom invoice documents, generates these into PDFs, and sends them to recipients, all automatically. What’s more, you can build on this workflow to adapt to your needs, so you can extend your invoicing system as your business grows.

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Your clients can view invoices instantly and pay online from anywhere. These products all work fine if you’ve a made the template already. However they’re very energy intensive when you want to change something, for example your address or corporate color. Other problem is that the templates are very inflexible, for example if you have a line item that requires more space than usual, you’re out of luck. With this template, we’ve tried to boil the invoice down to just the bare essentials. Log in with your Google account to make a copy of this free invoice template for Google Docs. You can also choose any color for your template and add your custom signature.

  • Although invoice generator templates are handy for any business, the Sheetgo invoicing workflow is one step up in automating your entire invoicing process.
  • Final invoicesare the most common type of invoice, indicating that a project has been completed and payment is due.
  • We have a great range of free MS Excel invoice templates ready for you to download and use.
  • With a yellow border like this, you can ensure it doesn’t get forgotten in a pile of other white sheets of paper on your client’s desk.
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