I wanted to thank Fresh Smiles for granting me the opportunity to dance again this year. Dance has always been a positive outlet for me, as I have gone through a lot in my life. With my parents separating my mom did not know how she was going to pay for dance class and Fresh Smiles granted me that opportunity.
When I was younger I was a victim of abuse and dance was my coping mechanism. It helps relieve stress, takes some of the weight off of my shoulders, and allows me to express my feelings through movement.
My dance teacher tells me how great I am and how much she loves my sass and attitude that I bring to dance. I hope to continue dance in the future and I am even going to apply to be a student teacher in a dance class for the upcoming season. I would love to teach younger dancers a healthy outlet for stress.
Thank you again for EVERYTHING.

Alyssa – Age 16


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