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MongoDB is designed for easy horizontal scalability, which means that databases can be effortlessly scaled across multiple clusters or servers with minimal disruption to the application. It can run on Windows and Linux operating systems and can integrate with various programming languages such as .NET, Java, and PHP. One of the key features of MS-SQL is its support for Transact-SQL (T-SQL), a powerful query language that allows developers to perform complex database operations. This article presents one of the top server-side programming languages with their overview, core features and limitations.

programming language of choice for backend development

MongoDB is a popular NoSQL database solution, offering a document-oriented approach to data storage that can scale horizontally across numerous distributed servers. MySQL is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) that stores and manages data using tables that are linked by defined relationships. It is a high-performance, scalable, and reliable database platform that can handle even the most demanding workloads.

So, what is the best backend language?

One of the biggest Python’s treasures is a voluminous collection of library tools and packages, which allows access to much pre-written code, streamlining your application development time. For example, you have access to Pillow for image processing, Bcrypt for generating strong hashing values, Matplotlib and Seaborn for data visualization, SLQALchemy for composable queries, etc. From the variety of available pre-written code samples, we consider Django as the best backend framework. Java Servlets, JavaServer Pages, and the Spring Framework are commonly used for Java web development by big companies, small companies, and single developers.

  • Java is the world’s most popular programming language that developers have used for over 20 years.
  • However, as more and more big companies switch their infrastructure over to Go, like Uber in 2016, I expect we’ll see more newbies bypassing JavaScript altogether and picking up Go first instead.
  • According to a Statista survey, JavaScript came in at 2nd for most desired technology, as well.
  • Backend development refers to the server-side of web development, where developers create and maintain server-side web applications and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).
  • With so many options, selecting the best backend language can become daunting.

Java was developed with the “Write Once, Run Anywhere” approach in mind, meaning that the code written in Java can be run on any platform, regardless of where it was originally created. Such platform independence is provided by Java Virtual Machine – the environment where Java code is executed. In this respect, Java is different from other languages that require compilers. Let’s take a look at some of the top languages for back-end development.


Other back-end applications can generate complete web pages with only back-end code. Before opting out for the most beneficial programming language for a particular project, follow your company’s requirements, not just industry trends. For example, we can change the text in a paragraph by clicking a button. We can create storage variables for JavaScript and use different methods to make the page more interesting.

programming language of choice for backend development

It’s worth noting that Spring is a bit like Django in that it offers a versatile set of features, and it works well in REST or GraphQL-based applications, where performance isn’t the top priority. If you’re about to kick off your software development project, popularity is surely one of the factors you need to bear in mind. If you’re looking to make a great web or mobile application, Ruby is a great programming language to use.

Finding the best back-end development language for your goals

Platform Independent Language — Python is a portable and platform-independent programming language. These naming convention rules help the programmers to write and read with effective coding. It is more helpful when a team of multiple members working on the same project because understanding the code becomes easy with these naming conventions.

The server side of your future product is arguably its most important part. There are a few dozens of languages available on the market and the number is changing every year. To make your navigation in the maze of modern web development easier our talented web developers prepared a list of six coding systems considered the best backend languages. We recommend considering such backend solutions as Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, and Golang.

Can we use the same language for both frontend and backend development?

Python is fourth on the list of most-used backend programming languages – just about 48% of respondents use it –but it’s worth noting that this is only the case for professional developers. For those who are learning to code, JavaScript and Python are joint in popularity, with both backend languages used by about 60% of those learning to code. In the world of software development, the backend is the engine that powers applications, handling data storage, processing, and communication.

programming language of choice for backend development

Standardization – Backend frameworks promote standardization and best practices in web application development. They provide a set of rules and conventions that developers can follow, making it easier for multiple people to work together on the same project. Major companies like Fitbit, eBay, and LinkedIn use Java for their back-end web development. This is one of the most ubiquitous programming languages on the Internet. While Java is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages for back-end development, many people say that it is more difficult to use and learn than Python. Not only is Java extremely stable, but it is also object-oriented, giving programmers vast amounts of control over the language.

The 6 Best Backend Project Ideas for Beginners

The coming section covers the Best Backend Languages used by developers across the world. Learning about data structures and algorithms is an important first step to take even though many backend developers skip it. It gives you a basic idea of the development process, so every other aspect will be easier to grasp. You don’t need in-depth training on data structures and algorithms, as basic information and understanding can help you in the long run. It is not possible to choose the wrong programming language because each of them is useful in one way or another.

Another thing worth mentioning is that NestJS is built and fully supports TypeScript, which facilitates writing bug-free code. The thing is, you need to prepare your ExpressJS project for doing so, while NestJS allows you to use TypeScript from the very beginning. Last but not least, as Nest CLI is very user-friendly, it gives the dev team a significant productivity boost. Kotlin is well-known and especially suitable for Android application development. Further, Kotlin features seamless interoperability with Java which enables the developer to use available functionalities of Java without challenges.

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